Imagine the Pastabilities for Dinner Tonight

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Our gift bags are a great way to say thank you this holiday season.

About Our Pasta

We make our pasta the old fashioned way. We roll it, cut it, and naturally air-dry, just like my grandmother taught my mother to make pasta. It tastes like fresh, homemade pasta and cooks in 3-5 minutes.

Enjoy time with Family & Friends

Spend more time with loved ones, not in the kitchen. Sit down and enjoy a quailty meal that takes minutes to make. Nobody has to tell them!

Naturally Air-Dried

Our pasta is rolled, cut and air-dried. It has a light texture and fresh flavor, it cooks in 3-5 minutes in rapidly boiling water.

Founded by my mother, Fran Valente

My mother learned to make pasta from my grandmother and we are proud to continue her legacy.