Why does your pasta cook so fast?

Our pasta is rolled, not extruded (think play dough machine) therefore it tastes like fresh pasta and the noodle is a lighter, less dense noodle.

What is “plant-based”?

We use wheat, vegetable powders, herbs, and seasoning. We do not use any animal fats such as eggs and dairy.

Are there any eggs in your pasta or in other products you make?

No, there are no eggs used in making our pasta. We are a single allergen plant free from other allergens such as eggs, dairy, soy, nuts, or fish.

Why is our pasta not gluten free?

Wheat naturally contains the vital protein gluten and currently there is no commercially grown non gluten wheat.  

Gluten is the elastic that holds the pasta together. 

In our current facility we would not be able to produce gluten free pasta, due to cross contamination issues.



What is the shelf life of your pasta?

Our pasta has a 2-year shelf life. While out of date pasta will not make you sick, we do not recommend it! It will not have the great fresh taste that our pasta is known for.

Where is the pasta made?

We make our pasta in Charlottesville, Virginia. We do not have a retail store and, at this time.