Chilled Sesame Chipotle Angel Hair

12 oz Chipotle Angel Hair Pasta
½ cup Sesame Oil
¼ rice wine vinegar or apple cider vinegar
¼ cup soy sauce or tamari
1 TBSP fresh ginger, grated
½ cup grated fresh carrots
1 bunch of green onions, chopped
1 cucumber, sliced thinly
3 TBSP sesame seeds
Mix all sesame oil, vinegar, soy sauce/tamari in a jar and shake to mix.
Cook pasta in boiling salted water.  Drain and rinse in cold water. 
Toss pasta with dressing and remaining ingredients in a mixing bowl except the sesame seeds.  Chill 2 hours. 
In a non-stick sauté pan, toast the sesame seeds on medium heat.  Watch carefully, stirring frequently.  Do not burn.  Let seeds cool.  Garnish chilled pasta with sesame seeds before serving.

Serves 4-6