How we make our pasta and why it is better.

Our pasta is rolled, cut and air-dried. We follow an old family tradition of rolled pasta.  The noodle is not  dense and cooks in 3-5 minutes. We are a single allergen facility.  Our allergen is wheat.  We do not have any eggs, dairy, nuts, tree nuts, seafood nor soy in our facility.  There are no issues with cross contamination and we are plant based, vegan friendly pasta.

Our ingredients are very simple and clean.  We use a North American Hard Wheat, vegetable powders, herbs, spices and seasonings to create our unique flavors of pasta.  

My grandmother would roll the pasta out and let it dry on the dining room table for Sunday dinner.  We aren't quite that simple, but our pasta is dried and will keep for a very long time but we recommend no longer than the date on the package.