Chocolate fettuccine clear bag, cocoa pod and pink border with squares of chocolate

Chocolate Fettuccine


This seasonal, unsweetened favorite can be served as a savory or sweet dish. You can use it in a kugel or your favorite noodle pudding recipe made by combining baked custard with raisins and pasta. Try it with raspberry coulis, some vanilla ice cream, and toasted almonds. For a savory dish, go the international route and make a South American dish combining chocolate with sautéed garlic, artichokes in olive oil, red bell pepper, and shrimp, or with beans, peppers, and salsa.

Cook pasta in plenty of salted, rapidly boiling water for 4-5 minutes. Stir frequently. Test for doneness. Do not overcook.

INGREDIENTS: unbleached wheat flour, cocoa powder, water 


All non-GMO ingredients.  Prepared in a single allergen facility.  Facility is free of eggs, soy, dairy, fish, and nuts.